Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy

What is occupational therapy?

The role of an occupational therapist is to help a patient develop or recover life skills necessary for independence and lifelong learning.  Patients may have difficulty with sensory processing, self-regulation, and/or coordination and strength of fine and gross motor skills.

This difficulty may present as a:

  •  delay or disorder in gross or fine motor skills (balance, sports, handwriting, self-care)

  •  visual/perceptual difficulty  (spatial and academic issues)

  •  behavioral expression such as non-compliance, avoidance, inattention and/or                          hyperactivity.

An EVALUATION by our occupational therapist includes a record review of prior diagnoses and therapy, a patient/parent interview, standardized testing, therapeutic handling and functional observation.

An extensive written report and a post-evaluative conference to discuss findings and concerns regarding the assessment is included with the evaluation.

A FUNCTIONAL TREATMENT PLAN is developed based on the results of the evaluation combined with parent and child input toward desired goals.  Strategies employed in the clinic go beyond practice and repetition of target skills.  Reflex integration, sensory integration, gross motor application and collaboration with other treatment programs (behavioral optometry and IST) are employed to promote skill attainment and acquisition.

INDIVIDUAL OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY is available in our sensory motor gym, and parents are invited to our observation room where they can comfortably observe sessions through a one-way mirrored window.  Patients are motivated with challenging, yet empowering activities that promote the internalization of learning processes.

CONSULTATION with teachers and support staff is available.  Because our staff has a rich background in the school setting, they are a valuable resource when needed.  Home program materials are frequently provided to maximize carryover of target skills.

Staff are also CERTIFIED PROVIDERS of The Listening ProgramĀ®, which is utilized as part of an ongoing treatment plan, or as a home program when individual occupational therapy is not warranted.

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