Speech Pathology Services

LIVE.  Respiration, digestion and rest are integrated life cycles that can be disrupted with medical complications, autism, developmental disabilities and sensory integration dysfunction.  These difficulties affect feeding as well as the ability to attend, learn and communicate in the environment.  Our evaluations consider the physical, emotional and cognitive contributors to the child's functioning.  Treatment plans involve direct intervention by the clinician, parent training, home integration activities and school consultation when appropriate.

LOVE.  Love is the primary relationship in which people thrive.  A child's motivation to communicate begins with the his or her expectation of being heard!  Whether encouraging first word emergence, carryover of motor speech skills or speaking socially, the listener must respond supportively.  Because communication represents the heart of the speaker, stimulation and remediation techniques employed support the overall social and emotional well-being of the patient.

GROW.  Every person was created with purpose; with appropriate support, anyone can heal and grow.  Functional outcome is measured by the patient's improved health and increased independence in his or her environment.  Information and training empowers parents to raise children whose special needs they may not understand. Relationships to the people and events within the patient's environment develop and deepen, and the cycle of live, love, grow continues.