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LIVE. Respiration, digestion and rest are integrated life cycles that are disrupted with trauma, medical events, autism, developmental disabilities and sensory integration dysfunction. These difficulties affect feeding as well as the attention, learning and communication. Our evaluations consider the physical, emotional and cognitive contributors to the patient's functioning. Treatment plans involve direct intervention by the clinician, caregiver training and home integration activities when appropriate.

LOVE. Love is the primary relationship in which people thrive. Motivation to communicate begins with the patient's expectation of being heard! Because communication represents the heart of the speaker, treatment techniques must support the overall social and emotional well-being of the patient.

GROW. Every person is created with purpose; with appropriate support, anyone can heal and grow. Functional outcome is measured by the patient's improved health and increased independence. Information and training empowers patients and their caregivers. Relationships to the people and events develop and deepen, and the cycle of Live. Love. Grow. continues.


"After suffering a concussion on Memorial Day 2018, I was referred to Michelle Ortega for cranio sacral therapy. I was told she works wonders and now I can attest to that as well..."

Sarah Mittelberg

"My son first started seeing Michelle when he was about three months old. Our pediatrician recommended he begin using a helmet to treat a birth injury and related conditions. Un..."


Forever Grateful

"Michelle came highly recommended by friend of mine whose daughter had great success with her. We decided to use Michelle's services over two years ago, and we have been success..."

Kristina Achilarre


76 Stirling Road #204, Warren, NJ

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