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I learned of Michelle Ortega's very special skills as a speech pathologist about 8 years ago when we shared a common patient. I suddenly noticed a significant boost in this child's speech development and learned that he had recently begun speech therapy with Michelle. I was thrilled to see such impressive results. Though we had never met, I began referring other children to Michelle's practice. Michelle is consistently effective in promoting functional improvements not only in communication skills, but also in improving gross and fine motor skills as well as improving respiration. I have been blessed to get to know Michelle in the years since, and she has been instrumental in furthering my professional development. Her skills & knowledge pertaining to all aspects of her therapy practice are obvious though her most impressive trait is the tireless dedication, love and compassion which she brings to her clients on a daily basis. I continue to whole heartedly refer clients to Michelle.

Mary Forman Habib

Occupational Therapist

After suffering a concussion on Memorial Day 2018, I was referred to Michelle Ortega for cranio sacral therapy. I was told she works wonders and now I can attest to that as well! Thanks to Michelle's expertise I was no longer dizzy after my initial appointment. Over the course of the next several appointments Michelle "put me back together." I feel as if I'm in a better place than I was prior to my concussion and I am truly appreciative to Michelle for this! You are truly in good hands with Michelle!

Sarah Mittelberg

My son first started seeing Michelle when he was about three months old. Our pediatrician recommended he begin using a helmet to treat a birth injury and related conditions. Unsatisfied with that option, I sought other advice and was referred to Michelle by another mother from my local mom's group. I was not sure what to expect but I knew he was in good hands. Week by week he progressed continuously. Using gentle techniques, Michelle worked with his jaw and upper body to help him move in the best way possible. She was always there to answer all of my questions. He is now a year and a half and his improvement has been nothing short of remarkable. He feeds himself table foods without the danger of choking, he has no trouble with saliva, and his speech communication is not only on target, but a little ahead of his peers! I am so thankful to the mom that gave me Michelle's number and of course to all of Michelle's amazing talent, love, and dedication to helping my son.


Forever Grateful

Michelle came highly recommended by friend of mine whose daughter had great success with her. We decided to use Michelle's services over two years ago, and we have been successfully working with her ever since. She has helped my daughter Taylor when no one else could, and we know Taylor would not have made the progress she has without Michelle's help. Michelle has always been honest, caring, and accurate throughout our relationship. She seems to always know exactly what my daughter needs in order for her to progress. Michelle is also always there for me should I have any questions or concerns. She has reassured and supported me many times and I trust her completely. Michelle always puts Taylor first, and I truly believe she will do whatever she can to help her progress even further. I am so thankful that we've had the opportunity to work with her.

Kristina Achilarre


My daughter is currently a client of Michelle's. My husband and I can never thank Michelle enough for the amazing gift that she has given us in the way of her therapy. Our daughter's receptive language has soared since first starting sessions with Michelle. Her body is much more connected with her mind and she is a much more content individual. We feel so blessed to have been referred to Michelle. When our daughter is old enough to understand all that Michelle has done for her, we know that she will feel blessed to have worked with her as well.

Laura Giasone-Gottlieb

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